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A little about me and my site.
I created this site out of the love for the cutest and most adorable character I've ever laid eyes on.I guess my love for Eeyore can be credited to my girlfriend,she loves Eeyore to,she collects alot of Eeyore collectables and well I guess I have her to thank for my love for Eeyore.

A Little about Eeyore
Eeyore is so cute,he always seems down,I guess he reminds me a bit of myself lol.Well this year 2001 Eeyore will be 38 years old,can ya believe it.Eeyore's house is made of branches it's so cute cause Eeyore can barley fit in it.

If you have a story about Eeyore or something you think I should add on this page please e-mail me or sighn my guestbook.

I'd love to hear from you!
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